Have you taken a teleconference or video conference series with Mirka?  Find the resources from your series here with links to  the online communities from your calls.

Below, you will also find useful audio and video recordings from Mirka.  Note that all links are to password protected sites or to folders that can only be accessed by participants in the events.  All Videos and audio recordings prior to 2018 have been removed, but you can request them directly if you were a participant.  If you have any questions or problems accessing the sites, please contact Tammy Bosler (tammy.yogadigital@gmail.com)


Gift of Awareness – Community Webstite

Awaken Spirit – Community Website

Spiritual Heart – Community Website


Awaken Spirit in Yoga

Part I – Community Website
Recordings for Part I 
• The Friend Within –
 Community Website 


• Gift of Awareness – Community Website
• Art of Personal Practice  – Community Website 


• Gift of Awareness – Community Website
• Healing Art of Pranayama  – Community Website
• Art of Personal Practice – Community Website 
Viniyoga Home Study – Community Website

Viniyoga Home Study:

Community website

Heart Mind: Recordings can be requested directly.  There was no community page for this event

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