Tau in Assisi 2014
Assisi 2014

June 19 – 26, 2014, Mirka returns to Assisi with a group of 25 for the pilgrimage back to the city of Peace and the home of St. Francis and St. Clare.

It has been over 20 years since the awakening of her and Gary Kraftsow‘s connection to this beautiful town.  Mirka has been returning regularly since then, every year or two, with students to reconnect and ‘share the good news’ about the life of two great Yogis who lived a life in the embodiment of their teacher.  Each return lights the fire in more hearts to find the to follow their individual spiritual path with as much love and courage as St. Francis held for his way.

This year, we have friends coming from across the United States, Germany, Turkey, and Croatia.  Join us on this blog for the story of the week, as it unfolds.

You can read about each day of the Journey by clicking on the links below or read the blog in chronological order using the links at the top and bottom of the posts:

Day 1 – Where are we?  The City of Peace!

Day 2 – Putting Peace into Practice

Day 3 – A Day of Rest or Action

Day 4 – Forgiveness and the Foundations of Peace

Day 5- Retreat!! ( Into the Mountains)

Day 6 – The Original City of Angels

You can also check out the blog from the 2012 journey here or watch the lovely video below to get a feeling for the week in Assisi.

About the Author:  Tammy Bosler will be maintaining the blog on Mirka’s behalf, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact her.


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  1. , You won’t want to go back that exact thought had just run thgourh my mind. That is SO beautiful, all the senses immediately go on ALERT. And to think of combining the dining, beauty, business experience and ITALY with Phil .it is no doubt a winning combination.I’m not sure this will be the year for me to attend, but this experience is going on MY LIST for sure.Great video, great idea, great job Phil!Anita

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