Safe Spaces Policy

Safe Spaces Policy for the Online Community 

with Mirka Kraftsow & Tammy Bosler

We know that Sangha member sharing of experience and insight on the live calls is very precious. It is our highest priority to create a safe space for this sharing. We feel the best way to honor this priority is to no longer record the live group discussions during the calls.

We will continue to record all guided sessions with Mirka and share those precious recordings on our community pages.  As always the sessions led by Mirka support the prepared curriculum for each series – and may be informed by live conversations – however the voices and images of those sharing will not be included in the recorded video. Tammy will pause the recording during sharing or group discussion.

For those of you who have already been with us online…

We would like to clarify that the videos of previous series do not exist online anymore.   They have been removed from sharing platforms (YouTube and Soundcloud).  This has been a practice that Tammy implemented as we complete each year, but we wanted to express this clearly – there are no videos or audios of our community available online aside from videos of only Mirka’s face and voice guiding the sessions.

In addition, we would also like to assure that these videos and audio files were never viewed by anyone outside of our community.  Based on the viewing information by YouTube and Soundcloud, the number of views of each video indicates that only our small group of participants accessed these files, and all files were either password protected or required the direct link sent via our emails to find.

Thank you all for participating in the heartfelt and heart-opening e-Sangha community!