Yoga for Wellness & Self-Care – Regensburg, May 2019

“Yoga therapy treats the whole person, seeking to change attitudes and actions that inhibit the natural healing process, and cultivate attitudes and actions that support it.” – Gary Kraftsow

Thank you everyone for coming together to welcome Mirka to beautiful Regensburg!

Here is a Link to the Certificate celebrating our time together.  You can print a copy for yourself and add your name to remember the gathering.

Below are some images/documents relating to the material we covered.  Please feel free to download them to use for your own explorations!

Here is an audio clip of Mirka reciting the “Prayer of Life” by Howard Wills as part of a series affirmations to help people heal in their bodies and begin to find a sense of wellness in their bodies and in their lives.  She had mentioned part of this during the weekend, and so here it is in it’s completion.

Asana Clinic Videos


Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) – more videos like this are on Mirka’s Youtube Channel

Mantra of our Multidimensional Being

Om Namo Anamaya Namah – (I am the structural Body)

Om Namo Pranamaya Namah – (I am the energy Body)

Om Namo Manomaya Namah – (I am the Intellectual Body)

Om Namo Vijnanamaya Namah – (I am the Personality Body)

Om Namo Anandamaya Namah – (I am the Peace/Bliss Body)

Om Namo Sarvam Namah – (I am pure Consciousness)

Body Prayer


The seed sounds of the chakra points in the body.  You can chant them 3, 9, or 12 times at each center.  And/Or chant one after other, adding a new sound each round.

You can progressively move from louder volume to silence as a vinyasa (sequence) to bring you attention more to stillness.