Awareness, Breath, Movement for Selfcare & Vitality

Viniyoga for your structural, physiological & emotional well-being 2017

Intimate Group Experiences with Mirka
Intimate Group Experiences with Mirka

Open to everyone:

This is a series of intimate group experiences for all of us who would like to start from where we are!  Everyone is welcome, from beginners to advanced Yoga practioners.  For Health care providers and yoga teachers, this fulfills 100 hours of continuing education credits with the International Yoga Alliance.


Dates & Location:

In Sebastopol, CA – at the Dhyana Center (186 Main St.)

Jan 25-26 & Feb 22-23 
March 8-9, April 12-13, May 9-11 

Each day runs from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM with a lunch break
Register with Mirka directly (or by phone 707-824-1093) – payments can be made by check or through Paypal


Movement is a a way to awaken our relationship with ourselves.  Start from where you are, with ease and grace.  Awaken and educate your body-wisdom through mindful awareness of breath and movement from your core outwards.

This is an intensive series to learn self-care on multiple levels (Structurally, Physiologically,and Emotionally) using the tools of awareness breath and movement with adaption and variations of Asana, adaptation of breath, and simple healing sounds.

Each weekend will offer a balanced approach focusing on various themes and practical applications of Viniyoga therapy for self-care such as: improving postural alignment, increasing structural stability, increasing range of motion, strengthening weak muscles, releasing crunch contractions, balancing muscular asymmetries, developing healthy movement patterns.

The First two retreats will focus on Healing – Yoga Chikitsa

January – Lower  back, sacrum, hips,  Knees, and feet
February – Upper back,  neck shoulders,  wrists, and  hands

The last three will focus on Strengthening – Yoga Shikshana

March – Strengthening  for the lower Back, Sacrum, Hips, Upper back, neck, and shoulders
April – Deeper attention to movement and the breath as a means to  expand  and strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular system, support digestive  system, and improve sleep

May – Bring it all together with a personal retreat weekend.  Focusing on study of Yoga philosophy, inquiry, self reflection, and sharing in small groups.  Let’s cultivate the sacred space together.

In addition to group experiences, the series includes: ‘clinics’ (individual treatments in front of the groups to look at clinical applications); a study of simple, applied anatomy;  small group work to deepen the study of sequencing for healing movements; home study of prescribed movements to explore benefits and applications; and space for discussions and questions.  Fridays will focus on  participants looking to fulfill continuing education requirements

Those not coming for continuing educate credits are welcome for single days or for a weekend at a time.  For more informations or questions, please contact Mirka directly (or by phone 707-824-1093)


Full Series (fulfills continuing education equipment through Yoga Alliance)
$1345 for the entire course paid in full (five weekends)

Partial attendance (does not fulfill the continuing education requirement)
$130 one day
$240 for two day weekend (Saturday & Sunday)

Register with Mirka directly (or by phone 707-824-1093) – payments can be made by check or through Paypal