Viniyoga Nature Retreat May 2015


Awareness, Breath, Movement for Self-care & Vitality 

Viniyoga for your structural, physiological & emotional well-being

Reawaken the relationship with yourself, begin where you are, with ease and grace, and educate your body-wisdom through mindful awareness of breath and movement from your core outwards….. read more

Open to everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Series satisfies 100 hours of continuing education with IYA

2014 Dates:

Jan 25-26 & Feb 22-23 (Saturday and Sunday)
March 7-9, April 11-13, May 9-11 (Friday through Sunday)

Each day runs from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM with a lunch break
Register with Mirka directly – payments can be made by check or through Paypal

for more information, visit the Self-care page

In Depth Viniyoga Study – The Eight Limbed Yoga of Patanjali

A Sangha Gathering with Mirka

10 month non-residential (one Saturday a month)

2014 dates:

May 25, June 29, July 27, September 1, September 28, and November 30
Times: 9:30 AM to 5 PM (with breaks and lunch)
Location: Sebastopol, CA, Westside Yoga Studio

Viniyoga Therapy
Dive in to The Viniyoga Tradition

This 6 months intensive is open to every one interested in understanding how to integrate yoga in our every day life.  Mirka will use the eight-limbed path of Yoga laid out in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to guide participants through experiences and practices utilizing the well-tested tools of Yoga that supports every aspect of our being.

pay as you go for $125.00 per session

For more information about the In Depth Viniyoga Study, please contact Mirka directly.  To register, please visit the registration page at Westside Yoga Studio.

One Dance Tribe: Transforming ourselves Transforming the World

October 19 – November 3rd, 2013

Location: Maui, Hawaii

For details, registration and schedule, visit One-Tribe.  Information on Mirka’s teachings at this event can be found on her page for the One-tribe event.

One Dance Tribe is a celebration of Conscious movement.  It brings together dancers and leaders from all of the world to share in an experience of gathering as one Global Tribe!

One Dance Tribe provides a container where conscious movement is supported by conscious living.  Starting each day with meditation and yoga, having time in nature, eating organic local food, learning about nutrition, healing, spirituality and science, participating in Hawaiian ceremony and culture, at the same time experimenting with now forms of conscious movement while diving deeper into your own practice.

What we experience on the dance floor is what we are becoming as a people.  It is why it is so powerful.  The connection, love and unity we feel when we surrender to the dance is a way for us to awaken to who we truly are.

The love that is present at these gatherings is quite extraordinary!

The Gathering takes place on the beautiful Keanae peninsula, one of the most sacred and pristine areas of Hawaii.  Both immersions are held at a stunning location on the Maui North Shore.

Heart-Mind Retreat

with Mirka Scalco Kraftsow and Gary Kraftsow

November 13 – 17, 2013

Mercy Center
Burlingame, California

Experience authentic Tantric practice and its power to transform heart and mind. Share sangha and receive teachings including asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, nyasa, sankalpa and Deity yoga in the contemplative sanctuary of Mercy Center.

Experience the power of deep inner work intended to help unlock and tap your innate power, strengthen your will and determination, and ultimately realize and actualize your highest potential.

For information and registration information, Visit the American Viniyoga Institute

Assisi, Italy Retreat 2014!

June 19 – 26, 2014

“There are moments in life when the universe conspires to bring everything together to create the kind of experience that is timeless, and the Journey to Wholeness retreat in Assisi with Mirka Scalco Kraftsow was just one of those moments.”

Come, immerse yourself in the Beauty and Rich History of Assisi while walking in the footsteps of the saints.  This week is a deep experience of traditional Yogic teachings guided by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and inspired by the lives of St. Frances and St. Clare.  You will be joined by interesting people from around the world and walk open-heartedly through a week of deep, inner exploration.

Visit the Assisi page for more information, registration and a video from the most recent journey in 2012.

Spring (Yearly) Intensive!

Body, Mind, Heart & Soul: The Art of Personal Practice

Each Spring

Location: Sebastopol, CA, Dhyana Center

Viniyoga Therapy
Spring Retreat!

Times: 9:30 AM to 11:00 PM & 3:00 – 6:00 PM daily

The retreat is open to anyone but a special invitation is offered to AVI teachers who are looking to reconnect and nourish their personal practice.

How do we purify the hear-mind from the many impressionable experiences of life?  How do we allow ourselves to feel whole in our busy lives?  This workshop is here to remind us that life is the medicine that the soul needs to evolve.

The goal of this intimate retreat will be to activate the Kriyas into everyday life in a practical way in order to deeply cultivate the perfection of who we are in the midst of human experience.  In addition to the traditional Yogic tools of Asana, Pranayama, Chanting, Mantra, and meditation, Mirka will offer experiences with conscience movement with music, walking meditation and Mudra.    Participants will also be guided in experiences to help with purification of the heart and mind based on the Yoga sutras of Patanjali.

Cost $475

Retreat followup and support for those looking to extend the journey:

After retreat, a followup group telecon of four 30 minute sessions will also be offered for for to help deepen the experience for an additional cost of $199.  Mirka will also be available for four sessions of private consultation on a sliding scale $215 – $350 for four 1-hour phone sessions.

For more information about the Art of Personal Practice, please contact Mirka directly.  To register, please visit the Westside Yoga Studio registration page.

Yoga and Neuroplasticity Workshop

w/ Mirka Kraftsow and Marilyn Granger

Dates To Be Announced

• Cultivate sustained, focused attention that encourage changes in the wiring of the brain neurons.
• Lecture on how different regions of the brain communicate.
• Explore how yogic wisdom is being supported by modern science.
• All levels welcomes; health professionals encouraged.