Viniyoga Home Study

10 Week Program

In Gratitude VHS Yogis for a wonderful series of calls in the Light!!!!!

Fall/Winter 2014 Series – now complete

This Moment

This 10 week Viniyoga Home Study Program is a guided in-depth study of the principles of Viniyoga.  It is open to all levels of students who are interested in deepening their experience with this tradition.

How can we, in our human experience, choose to be WHOLE in this precious moment?  What is Yoga?  Through integrated practices using breath, movement, deep inquiry and exploration, Mirka will guide a personal experience to understand, more deeply, how these precious tools of Yoga support us along our path.

The strength to start and return to this kind of work comes from community (Sangha)!  This teleconference forum gives us the opportunity to connect with the Sangha from anywhere in the world.  Find piece in the preciousness of refuge – the teachers, the teaching and the practice of this.

The Curriculum will be guided by Yoga for Wellness by Gary Kraftsow, and home practices and study guides will be given each session to support your practice between calls.  All calls will be recorded and made available to all participants, and an online forum will give you the chance to share and connect anytime.

Teleconference options: The teleconference will be done over Skype for those who have accounts.  For anyone who would prefer using the phone, an American phone number will be available as well.