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DVD Documentary from the Assisi 2012 Retreat

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This DVD documents an amazing spiritual journey in the heart of Italy with Mirka Scalco Kraftsow and twenty-five other Yogis in September, 2012.  The film follows the group through a week of using the sacred sites of Assisi to reach deeper into themselves through the powerful tools of Yoga.

The Journey to Wholeness is a week long spiritual retreat in Assisi open to anyone interested in looking more deeply into themselves.  Each day, the group visited sacred sites in the city and were guided through spiritual practices at each site, which connected traditional spiritual techniques with the powerful history of the place.  In the afternoons, they gathered in St. Giorgio’s chapel to integrate the morning experiences into a more classical Yoga practice guided by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

The individual stories of several participants are highlighted, and you are invited into the intimate space of all of the participants as you witness some of their personal experiences of joy and deeply moving moments of awakening.  You can watch as a group of strangers turn into an intimate Sangha in the space of only a week.


This 17 minutes film was filmed and directed by Jennifer Szymaszek,  of Opal Productions and captures the beauty of the landscape in a way that helps the viewer feel that they are part of the journey.  Mirka’s voice narrates to the intention and power of the practices made by the group each day with an original musical score to help set the mood.  The visual and audio artistry have created a video that can be used as a practice in serenity in itself.

Here is a short version of the video to give you a feel for it.

Purchase your copy today through the American Viniyoga Institute for only $10 and take the Journey to Wholeness for yourself.