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Mirka’s philosophy is comprehensive; all aspects of practice – physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual – are addressed in each practice session. Mirka believes this creates not only a balanced practice, but also a balanced life.  Mirka is gifted with both the capacity and the passion to creatively communicate and work in many ways, including over the telephone, and her work has enriched the experience of students of many yoga modalities.  The combination of Mirka’s philosophy and gift of communication make her a master of utilizing teleconferencing tools to serve students anywhere in the world.

Her powerful voice takes participants though an experience live over the phone, which is recorded for participants to enjoy over and over. Since she has participants calling in from all across the world through many time zones, some participants are able to tune in via recording but are still active participants in the series. Additionally, Mirka provides written practices to all participants and online support of their journey through an e-Sangha created for each event.

Mirka offers three group teleconferences through the year (details below):


Pranayama  (Event Closed)

Viniyoga Home Study

Viniyoga Home Study

10 Week Program

2014 Dates & times to be announced

Costs: TBA

This Moment

This 10 week Viniyoga Home Study Program is a 10 week guided in-depth study of the principles of Viniyoga.  It is open to all levels of students who are interested in deepening their experience with this tradition.

How can we, in THIS human experience, can we chose to be WHOLE in this precious moment?  What is Yoga?  Through integrated practices using breath, movement, deep enquiry and exploration, Mirka will guide a personal experience to understand, more deeply, how these precious tools of Yoga support us along our path.

The strength to start and return to this kind of work comes from community (Sangha)!  This teleconference forum gives us the opportunity to connect with the Sangha from anywhere in the world.  Find piece in the preciousness of refuge – the teachers, the teaching and the practice of this.

The Curriculum will be guided by Yoga for Wellness and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and home practices and study guides will be given each session to support your practice between calls.  All calls will be recorded and made available to all participants, and an online forum will give you the chance to share and connect anytime.


Please stay tuned for 2015 Dates

“We will show that through pranayama, our sense of stillness deepens, our attention turns inward without dullness or agitation, our mind feels light and luminous, and we become ready for meditation.”

- Yoga for Transformation

Two Part series  
Participants may sign up for both series or opt for only Part I

This series of two month-long teleseries will teach participants how to improve the quality of their breath, through classic pranayama techniques. The quality of our breath is relative to our state of mind. When our breath is agitated, so is our mind. When our breath is calm and stable, our mind is relaxed and calm. Pranayama can transform our life, when practiced consistently. Through pranayama practice our breath becomes long and smooth, bringing us greater health and longevity.

This course is based on Gary Kraftsow’s masterful book Yoga for Transformation. During these teleconference sessions Mirka will guide your practice with adaptations designed to meet your individual needs in the true spirit of Viniyoga. These written comprehensive practices will be made available, in PDF form to teleseries participants.

Simply call a teleconference number to participate in classes. Classes are also recorded if you can’t make the session or if you want to listen to them again. Call recordings will be made available on mp3 (downloadable) to course participants. An online discussion sangha-support site allows you to post questions and stay in touch with others in the class. Mirka will be available for individual support between each of the four sessions during the teleseries. Participant will need to have their own copy of the book Yoga for Transformation for the teleseries.

The Heart – Mind: Integrated Practice for Everyday Life

“The seeds have been planted, now we must cultivate this practice and these opportunities, and harvest the fruit of insight, transformation, and healing”HeartMind
- Mirka Scalco Kraftsow

Four Hour-long calls

Details on dates and Time of 2015 series coming soon

Do you want to develop more alert and compassionate responses to yourself and others even in times of stress? Do you sometimes feel isolated or uncertain about how to proceed with your contemplative yoga practices?

Whether you are just taking your first steps on the Yoga path or are an experienced Yoga teacher, please join Mirka. This series will immerse you in the traditions of Yoga that have been benefiting humanity for thousands of years, and will send you home with a personal practice that truly sustains your body, Heart and Mind.

Through these hour-long teleconference calls, Mirka guides your Heart-Mind Journey using integrated practices based on the wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Mirka will create comprehensive, written practices that you will receive for your own personal practice. Mirka weaves asana, pranayama, guided meditative inquiry and chanting into each session. These integrated sequences will help you stay connected to your practice, to your sangha, to your Self. Mirka will be available for individual support between each of the four sessions during the teleseries through an online forum or over the phone.

Simply call a teleconference number to participate in classes. Classes are also recorded if you can’t make the session or if you want to listen to them again. Call recordings will be made available on mp3 (downloadable) to course participants. An online discussion sangha-support site allows you to post questions and stay in touch with others in the class.

What is Heart-Mind?
“Self is everywhere, shining forth from all beings, vaster than the vast, subtler than the most subtle, unreachable, yet nearer than the breath, nearer than the heart.” –Mundaka Upanishad

The Heart Mind teleconference series is an opportunity to explore the authentic teachings and practices of Tantric Yoga, oriented towards personal transformation and self actualization.

The distinctive perspective of Tantra is that the Divine is immanent in our body, heart and mind as well as the world around us.
The Outer, Inner and Secret Practices of Tantric Yoga will help us to develop a truly integrated Tantric Yoga practice that addresses the totality of the intricate web of life – from our inmost sense of self, our thoughts and feelings, to the workings of our physiology and the movements of our spine, to the dynamics of our interpersonal relationships, to our experience of nature, to our sense of the Divine and its living presence in our lives. During this retreat, we will share what the elements of an integrated practice are, how they were designed to function in an integrated way, and how to apply them in daily life!

The series will be based on the Heart Mind Residential Retreat lead by Gary Kraftsow and Mirka in the fall of 2012. Teachings will be drawn from a variety of source texts as well as the oral instructions Mirka has received from masters of Tantric Yoga.

Practices will include the integrated use of : asana, pranayama, chanting, mantra, nyasa, sankalpa, visualization, Deity Yoga, meditation, and ritual.
Join Mirka for a special time of personal integration and transformation using the inner practices of yoga. Each Heart-Mind Teleconference Series will be a unique experience based on the student’s individual goals and interests.

Optional mentorship and support are available after the retreat to support your integration of the teachings into homelife based on your goals and interests.

Individual Yoga Support for Life Integration

This is a extraordinary resource for those looking to integrate tools of yoga into everyday life in a way that is uniquely theirs.  Mirka has vast experience working as a support for students looking to bring Yoga into their everyday life and especially during times of exceptional circumstances - for times of great Joy and times of Sorrow , as Mirka has said.

This one-to-one consultations is a great opportunity for teachers and therapists to reconnect personally with the precious tools of yoga for themselves and for support for their students.  This work supports the integration of the vast school of the Yoga teachings and traditions into our personal journey that is our life.

This is available for teachers or long term practitioners and includes home study, which will be developed into a personal practice.

This unique service include Four private Phone sessions of 30 minutes each plus individualized material for support at home

Costs: sliding scale of $200 – $350 for four sessions

Contact Mirka for more information or to make and appointment

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