chinMudra_small copyYoga anytime, from your home, year-round!  Mirka has taken her passion and gift for self care and community building and expanded it to a year-long program of Teleconferences.

This program is broken into four parts that can be taken as one program or enjoyed piece-wise and a complete subset of beautiful material to support you at home during the calls and far beyond.

She has students with a wide range of experiences and interests in Yoga (from seasoned teachers to new practitioners) calling in from around the world.  The focus of all of the calls is to help participants take the many tools of Yoga and apply them appropriately to their own unique life journey.  Her deep connection with the Yoga teachings and her powerful spirit carry you with her beautiful guided experiences.

Mirka’s philosophy is to support the wholeness of each student; all aspects of practice – physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual – are addressed in each practice session. Mirka believes this creates not only a balanced practice, but also a balanced life.

Her powerful voice takes participants though an experience live over the phone, which is recorded for participants to enjoy over and over. Since she has participants calling in from all across the world through many time zones, some participants are able to tune in via recording but are still active participants in the series.  Mirka makes time for each student either during discussion time on calls or over email/web interface between calls so that each person gets personal support for their study.  Additionally, Mirka provides written practices to all participants and online support of their journey through an e-Sangha created for each event.

Mirka offers three group teleconferences through the year (details below):

Fall/Winter (Oct – Dec 2015)
Viniyoga Home Study

Winter/Spring (Jan/Feb 2016)
Gift of Awareness

Spring (2016)
The Art of Personal Practice Parts I & II

Summer (July 2016)
The Healing Art of Pranayama