Viniyoga Therapy
Call from Anywhere You Are

Mirka’s philosophy is comprehensive; all aspects of practice – physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual – are addressed in each practice session. Mirka believes this creates not only a balanced practice, but also a balanced life.  Mirka is gifted with both the capacity and the passion to creatively communicate and work in many ways, including over the telephone, and her work has enriched the experience of students of many yoga modalities.  The combination of Mirka’s philosophy and gift of communication make her a master of utilizing teleconferencing tools to serve students anywhere in the world.

Her powerful voice takes participants though an experience live over the phone, which is recorded for participants to enjoy over and over. Since she has participants calling in from all across the world through many time zones, some participants are able to tune in via recording but are still active participants in the series. Additionally, Mirka provides written practices to all participants and online support of their journey through an e-Sangha created for each event.

Mirka offers three group teleconferences through the year (details below):

Gift of Awareness

Pranayama  (Event Closed)

Viniyoga Home Study

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